Laser Procedures

Lasers represent an innovative and more precise technology for specific hard and soft tissue applications. With laser treatments you will feel more comfortable and have less anxiety.

Many people are somewhat anxious about dental procedures and seek extreme safety and comfort; for that reason, we have incorporated laser technology into our dental treatments. Laser dental treatments are a safe and healthy way to treat teeth. Treatments are gentle, fast, less invasive and less stressful.

Dr. Loza Specializes in Laser Dentistry.

Lasers are precise and effective. When used in dental filling procedures they are capable of killing bacteria located in a cavity, potentially leading to improved long-term tooth restoration.

Laser Dentistry for Kids

Dr. Loza knows how important a child’s first dental experience is. All of us here at Loza Dental know how to deal with kids in a personal, compassionate and reassuring manner. We strive to eliminate the phobias and traumas that many older patients have carried into their adult lives.

Relax and Be Well you are in the care of a Prosthodontic Expert.

Happy, satisfied patients are key to our success. When it comes to dental fillings, we can provide patient-friendly restorative procedures with Waterlase dental laser.

This technology helps reduce patient anxiety by minimizing the need for traditional tools like injections and drills. The use of Waterlase is a gentler way to fix tooth decay, and making procedures less painful, safe and effective. In this COVID-19 environment, use a tool that creates 98% less aerosols, and reduces spray compared to the highspeed handpiece.

  • Cavity preparation without a loud, vibrating high-speed handpiece, and 98% less aerosols!
  • Less pain/discomfort — with little to no anesthesia required.
  • Same-day, multi-quadrant treatments require fewer appointments and are more convenient.
  • We have added a couple of short videos to show this technology been used in our office.

We have added a couple of short videos to show this technology been used in our office.

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